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Your cords are nice and I do tie it up closer to my face but not so close that I can't bring it to my nose for a good wiff! :-) BTW, there is a noticeable improvement in my sinus condition since I wear this necklace!
These are pendants I'm particularly proud to wear!! They are all so beautiful, it is really hard to choose. Thanks for designing such a great product. 

- Laura Terwilliger


Regarding the "Whiffer (tm)" I wear mine CONSTANTLY, even to BED!!   There isn't anything like it on the market ...  The difference in that and the bottles I usually wear is that with the bottles, while I have the oils with me all the time and take a whiff or splash whenever I need it, it isn't a DIFFUSER ... and that's a huge plus ... AND it doesn't mess up your clothes

- Carra Johnson-Callies


I am loving my wooden pendant with essential oil on a wick. I use it for a snoring problem. Applying RC and Valor works like a charm.  Also staved off a cold with Thieves.  Thanks a lot for a great invention.

- Pam Sanders

Finally! Someone has designed a diffuser necklace that makes perfect sense! The "whiffers" have small holes drilled in incredibly beautiful woods; the essential oils are diffused through a cotton wick on a constant basis. Very helpful to wear while doing work at the computer to help with mental alertness! And, just a great way to carry the aromas with you whether at work or play! Great job on the design-concept of the "whiffers"!

- Nancy Carnahan, Vitality Consulting, Inc.


I found it much easier to clean the cat litter box while wearing my Whiffer filled with peppermint oil. Peppermint oil "whifferizes" the unpleasant odor immediately and protects me by purifying the air.

- Russell Ratliff


While travelling on heavy volume highways and city driving, the Whiffer filled with lavender helps me to remain calm and enjoy sitting in traffic while listening to soothing music, instead of getting road raged out from something I have no control over. When the mind is calm, the body follows.

- Renada Koenig

I received the Whiffers and I love them. They are so pretty and I have been wearing the ebony one nonstop, I gave the tulipwood to my mother and she loves it as well. I just wanted to let you know how much I love them and how much they look like expensive exotic jewelry. The oils in these are great I have had Thieves in mine since I got it. I know more of my friends will be wanting them once they see them. It's also kind of like a worry stone. I keep touching it all day. Thanks so much.......love them!

- Sincerely, Amanda Mabbett

After perusing your website, I am in total awe. Thank you for allowing yourself to be the instrument that God used to create these beautiful necklaces. They are indeed a God-given gift to humanity!

- Be blessed, Debbie N. McMinn

I love gemstones and their energy so to wear them with the energy of the wood AND also combined with the healing effects of essential oils...I was overjoyed. Cannot wait to wear them. Thank you for creating such beautiful works of art and therapy. And thank you for your wonderful website, it is very informational and is helping me in my quest to understand more about the benefits of essential oils.

- Susie Mitchell

First, let me tell you how much I have enjoyed my "Whiffer"! I am a primary grade teacher who loves to give my children JOY each day. What better way than wearing my "Whiffer" every day to school. Children now stop me in the hallway just to get a "whiff"! Also, when I see a child having a bad day with some issue, I take my Whiffer over to them and say, "Let me share my Joy with you." I then give a hug and a sniff (which contains YL's JOY blend). Thanks so much for a grand way to enjoy the subtle hint of these essential oils!

- Kay in TN

Since purchasing a whiffer, I ask for guidance each morning on what essential oil is best for that day. I promptly put it in my whiffer and off I go. Since wearing my whiffer I have noticed that my clients are extremely receptive to me and actually enter more of a meditative state which enables me to do my job more efficiently. Recently I was unable to wear it for a period of time and I noticed a big difference in my mood, energy and my interactions with the people I encountered including other therapists.

I am extremely happy with my whiffer. I have recommended it to other staff members and friends.

           - Maria Franco, Las Vegas

Not only have I found an amazing product in the EMF Guardian Whiffer, I have found a true friend in Peggy Carey, the designer. I wish I had money to buy everyone who sits on a computer all day long, their own EMF Guardian Whiffer. My alertness and emotional state have been highly enhanced throughout the day and I feel it is truly an essential invention for those of us stuck at a keyboard. Please tell your friends and family about this valuable solution to all the unwanted exposure we receive each day. This beautiful EMF Guardian Whiffer truly does double duty, in style - it is so worth the investment to protect you and your loved ones. Peggy, you have changed my life for the better and made a very "skeptical/cautious" business woman a believer. Many, many thanks!

           - Heather Clifford, SoothSoft Innovations Worldwide, Inc.

We had quite a thunder boomer last night and Rocky's eyes were about to pop out of his head. (Ten pound chihuahua). I put his Whiffer on him and loaded it with lavender.  The change was instant and powerful.  He immediately stopped shaking, his ears went back up and he just calmly sat near us.  It was absolutely transformational!

            - Diana R., Ohio

Jim and I went horse camping with Kesa, Noche, and Cody for two weeks in northern Vermont and upstate NY. Flies were like the plague! Kesa and Noche had Whiffers with Peppermint in them and they had the fewest flies around their faces. Cody hung out with them and seemed to be in the peppermint zone with them and wasn't as bothered as the other horses. The really nice thing was that when we were on trail, the pleasant smell of peppermint kept wafting up to me as Kesa walked along moving her head. I love going on trail with these Whiffers. The peppermint aroma seemed to cool down the really hot heat. We were out on trail for hours and I don't think I'll be ever going out without the Whiffers again! Thanks Peggy!

            - D. O'Malley, Long Island, NY

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If you have had a good experience with your Whiffer(tm) diffuser pendant that you would like to share, please send it to us in an e-mail. If your testimonial is selected to be added to this site, we will send you a FREE pack of cotton sticks.  We have heard from people who are hanging Whiffers(tm) in their closets and in their cars. Have you found an unusual use for yours? We'd love to hear from you so that others may benefit. Thanks for telling your story.

Rosewood Slimline

Enjoy the rich colors of a beautiful reddish brown/caramel streaked Slimline handcrafted out of Burmese rosewood from Myanmar (Burma). This beautifully grained pendant is a striking holder or "keeper" for anything you'd like to keep handy or close to your heart. Roll up a wish, dream, affirmation or ideal weight goal on a sheet of paper, or insert a 1 ml glass vial (included) with your favorite potion, perfume or essential oil. They also happen to be the right size to hold quilting needles. Come up with your own unique use and let us hear about it!

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